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False malware alerts

Some security systems have started reporting that this site contains malicious content. URL:Phishing is main of that.

You can check for yourself that this is a bug here.

Below we will look at alerts, reasons for the occurrence and how to secure check.


Active community users report 1, 2 that the security system is blocking access to this site.

The ESET Alert

ESET alert

The Avast alert



Most likely the problem is that the domain of this site contains the words script and google.

Hackers use Google Forms and Apps Script Web Apps to retrieve data. You can see how much posts has been generated about this in the news.

How to check

Check the report

This is a public site with open source. You can find all code here.

Also it uses GitHub Pages technology for hosting.

You can check the folder docs of the master branch here. There aren’t even JavaScript files there.

Check virustotal

Another way to check this site is to analize an url with VirusTotal.

Move to VirusTotal detecton for checking.

VirusTotal checking

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